Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its large and extremely dense buds are thickly coated with trichomes and dark orange pistils that often give the flower a slight red hue. The terpenes found in Strawberry Ice are nerolidol also found in jasmine, terpinolene which is common in nutmeg and apples, and caryophyllene the same terpene found in black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.

Reviews breakdown from Strawberry strain

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Happy (100%)
Uplifted (95%)
Euphoric (73%)
Relaxed (68%)
Energetic (64%)
Strawberry (100%)
Sweet (67%)
Berry (46%)
Earthy (21%)
Pungent (15%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (69%)
Headache (34%)
Dizzy (21%)
Paranoid (21%)

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