Campania (CBD Kush)

Campania (CBD Kush) is a cross between an indica-dominant kush strain and a high-CBD variety, producing a plant with resinous, aromatic flowers that contain a THC/CBD ratio of approximately 1:1. Because it has a high CBD level and a relatively low THC level, the effects are mellow and manageable. We recommend this strain for relaxing daytime and evening use. We grew two different phenotypes of CBD Kush in this release. This batch is Phenotype 2. Please note that although CBD Kush is a core stra...

Reviews breakdown from CBD Kush strain

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Relaxed (100%)
Happy (74%)
Uplifted (41%)
Focused (41%)
Sleepy (26%)
Earthy (100%)
Woody (64%)
Nutty (36%)
Pungent (36%)
Diesel (27%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Headache (14%)
Dizzy (14%)

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