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Based in Whistler, British Columbia, WMMC grow with integrity and a commitment to our patients to produce quality medication. Our philosophy is simple, grow organic medical cannabis, in soil without the use of chemicals. Since day one of the MMPR we have been growing legal medical cannabis with the approval of Health Canada. We have always believed our medication should be organic, and since sowing our first seeds have been growing our plants naturally. Over time our floor space has grown to allow us to produce more medication for more patients, but we still remain a local company true to our roots. We don't have large corporate offices, or rely on call centers to handle our patients. You will get to know our team by name. When you contact us you will always be reaching us here in Whistler, at our facility that overlooks the mountains. Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation is a Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA) Certified Organic Producer. We use 100% organic crop inputs and growing methods. Visit www.wmmc.ca or call +1 604 962 3440 for more information

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