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In 2011, Bedrocan BV, a Dutch company, was invited to Ottawa by Health Canada to comment on Canada's new regulations for medicinal cannabis, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Since the Netherlands has an established medicinal cannabis framework, we came away from this meeting with a sense that Canadian producers, patients, and healthcare professionals could benefit from the knowledge and experience Bedrocan BV had developed producing medicinal cannabis in Europe. We decided to look more closely into how we could provide Canadians access to high quality standardized medicinal cannabis. This led to our decision to work with Canadian management to establish a company in Canada to work under the newly established regulatory (MMPR) framework. Bedrocan Canada is a joint venture between “Bedrocan BV” of the Netherlands and “Bedrocan Canada Inc”, a Canadian start-up with extensive knowledge and experience in the use of cannabis and cannabinoids in clinical practice. Bedrocan Canada will contribute to the needs of Canadian patients by providing access to our varieties of standardized medicinal cannabis under a federally regulated environment, and by using science to address the real concerns of Canadian patients and health care practitioners. Bedrocan is about raising the expectations of what it means for cannabis to be truly “medicinal.” In this way, we will work together to bridge the gap with science to better serve the needs of patients and meet the regulatory demands of modern medicine.

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