Seven Oaks
Seven Oaks crafts products designed to complement your daily grind. Cultivated with passion to produce strains full of strength, character and integrity - the very same traits that define the best in us - each product is created with the hard-working professional in mind. Seven Oaks is a member of the Beleave family, a licensed producer of premium cannabis with industry-leading equipment, environmentally sustainable practices, and zero use of pesticides. Our master grower alone has over 20 years experience growing cannabis, and as one of the founders, has leveraged that knowledge to develop unique, high quality products. Each of our strains are curated and bred for their uplifting and energetic profiles to better support your everyday hustle. Complementing both a packed calendar and your daily ritual and routine, and crafted to match both office focus and adventuring spirits, Seven Oaks offers a collection of cannabis cultivars grown for visionaries, creators, and achievers.

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