Canaca is for the enthusiast and down-right passionate cannabis user. We appeal to Canadians, because we are one; your bud through and through, we are sourced in BC and grown in Ontario. With prohibition abolished, Canadians will not only consider cannabis, but realize quality and homegrown bud is right at their disposal with Canaca. Made by Canadians, in Canada. Sourced in BC, and grown in Ontario – Our plants are an extension of the people behind our brands. Proud. Passionate. Professional. We are real Canadians, growing Canadian cannabis and committed to advancing the culture in Canada. Respect for our roots. We respect our beginnings. Canaca is not only part of the High Park Company of brands, but an affiliate of Tilray Inc. A global pioneer of cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution – this commitment to excellence carries through in Canaca's high quality flower and consistency of experience. Preach the plant. While we don't like preaching, we do believe de-stigmatization begins by de-mystifying cannabis and calling it what it is: a plant. We ensure the highest quality of care throughout our plants' growth, respecting the unique traits of our cultivars.

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