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Christal Chronic is a writer for, mother of three, and longtime pro-pot legalization activist who enjoys educating and spreading awareness.

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Why THC oil is the latest health trend and how consumers are using it

THC oil for baking is made using normal household ingredients that you might bake with like butter or oil....
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What are, and how to make Death Stars

The average Death Star made using this version of the recipe will contain anywhere from 500mg to 1000mg of THC each. ...
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The best places online to get pot leaf stickers, decals and key chains to personalize your bags

The market for marijuana leaf garbs like jewelry, keychains, stickers, clip owns and iron on badges is booming. ...
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How to make a cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dinner fit for a king

With Thanksgiving in Canada right around the corner, many people are setting up their dinner plans for the occasion....
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All about cannabis water pipes

Here you will find an explanation of what water pipes are, including how they work, how to clean one, and the pros and cons of this next evolution opt...
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Medical marijuana for relief of cramps | Cannabis Wiki

Medical marijuana for cramps works on a level that is impossible to see with the human eye, as is also true with most pharmaceutical options....
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Using CBD oil to treat common symptoms in horses

In the same way that the benefits of CBD oil can extend to our dogs and cats, horses are another good candidate for CBD oil treatment. ...
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The best blueberry flavored strains of 2019

The truth is that the marijuana plant species is a unique one that offers such a wide variety of flavors, smells and effects....
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How cannabis can help you to stay active

There is no one size fits all approach to finding the best types of weed strains, as everyone seeking something a little different, and that’s ok....